Structural propping held and protected this beautiful hall

The Painted Hall Client Coniston Construction

Old Royal Naval College Greenwich

When James Bullen of Coniston Consrtruction approached EPR to advise on cost and then install this difficult and Prestigious project. We were very excited. We worked with the Contract team to establish a monitoring Criteria and help to decide the chosen scheme.

First we removed steel collar from top of wall. We then installed titan props and initial steelwork, We then diamond drilled the Needle apertures to reduce vibration. We then installed the heavy needles supporting them on RMD (Slimshore) Superslim soldier Props, Titan props and RMD Alshor Aluminium System. The needles were preloaded to reduce deflection.Dry packing was applied.

All work was sucessfully completed within monitoring tolerances and on time.

We are proud to have helped out on this very important and sensitive project

We hope to continue to support England's Finest Hertiage

Coniston were happy with our service so much so that they have awarded us an other contract and are talking to us of two more

Please contact us on 01753-646012.

Superslim propping which is both facade retention and structural propping

R Collard Slough Estates Structural Propping

R Collard approached E P Rothwell on recommendation off one of thier Managers who had worked with us previously.

We were asked to provide firstly a temporary Works design, In which structural Propping was used to support the buildiing as half the building was kept and the other half demolished completly and constructed from new.

Alshor plus shoring held the building in place along the cut line. Megashor heavy propping was installed in central areas. RMD Superslim soldier(slimshore) propping and shoring was also erected thoughout the building.An extensive RMD superslim needling system was also used. The basement area extended past the footprint of the building and required heavy Structual propping Using Alshor plus props with Alshor Plus headers and RMD Superslim spreader beams. RMD superslim soldiers (slimshore) were used in the irregular shaped areas around the perimeter.

We felt privilaged to Help R Collards on this challenging and prestigous contract

Please call us to discuss your project on 01753-646012.

Royal Ascot Grandstand

Shoring and Structural Propping for Royal Ascot Grandstand

New Royal Ascot Grandstand Propping.

When the new grandstand was built a problem occured in the basement and stuctural capacity had to be added in the basement.

E P Rothwell were asked to do a temporary works design and then install RMD Superslim (slimshore) propping and shoring were installed and supported the Grandstand during the alerations.

Alshor plus was used fixed to areas of the basement soffit to provide addtional shoring. Another sucessful contract.

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RMD Superslim under heavy steel needles

Royal College of Pathologists

Design and monitoring.

We were appointed to carry out The Temporary Works Design.We conducted pullout tests to establish stength of existing brickwork. After which we set up a monitoring system to ensure that movement during demolition could be reduced. We then installed basement propping and back propping using RMD Superslim (slimshore) and RMD alshor plus systems this supported the vaults.We Designed a structural steel Needling section with a Gass prop system providing further shoring. basement propping was provided using Megashor flying shores.Plan bracing using RMD superslim completed the system.Basement shoring was enhanced with RMD Superslim soldier Raking props on external walls

A beautiful space was produced and we are proud to have been a part of that process

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A real challenge to secure this fine piece of Architecture

Bell Tower support and Facade Retention

Morgan and Sindall asked us to look at a very challenging project on the Embankment, They had to demolish around a bell tower but keep the bell tower intact as a focal part of the new building.

A Difficult Problem

We were requested to keep the Bell tower in place as nearly all of the structure supporting it was removed and replaced. We Installed RMD Superslim soldiers to underside of floor of Bell tower and brought the loads down to foundation level on this lovely building. Whilst the Structural Propping and shoring on this project were out of the ordinary, we completed it sucessfully

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rmd superslim walers with adjustments for new steel columns

RMD superslim beams internal Facade retention.

The permanent works design required the new steel frame to fixed against the existing facade, Our temporary works engineer designed a continuous RMD superslim waler with ninety degree brackets to allow for the steel columns to be fixed without the need for any adjustments to the walers. Saving both time and cost.

Design with the new construction in mind

We always consider the new construction in all our designs, The first image shows the pockets created against the wall which allows for installation of the new steel frame. Alshor plus supported the existing floors where the imposed loads were less challenging.

We also used Structural steel and maybey mass 25 props in the lower basement areas.

Please allow us to help with your project on 01753 646012

Train Crash Emergency Structural Propping

Urgent response achieved

When the Potters Bar train crash occurred the main contractor contacted E P Rothwell to assist with the temporary works design, And the installation of the Megashor and SuperSlim towers to shore the soffit. Alshor propping towers were used in confined areas.

Because of the severe consquences of the Railway closure the uttermost urgency was required, Within forty eight hours of being contacted. EPR had completed the Temporary works Design and installed all the Megashor and Superslim Propping and shoring required. Which allowed the railway line to reopen on time.

Please ring us on 01753-646012.

Heavy duty steelwork against beautiful soft stonework, what could go wrong?

Structural Propping Providing support to ornate windows in Facade Retention in Eton College.

Windows in Facade kept in place during temporary works.

We were asked to provide support to a beautiful courtyard Facade, without removing the windows and of course not damaging the stonework feature. This took a great deal of care and we are happy to say we acheived this demanding task.

Please get in touch and discuss your project.

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The new welcome centre existing facade retention

Facade Retention at Canterbury Cathedral


We were asked to look at this facade which was held in place by a scaffold tube system. One of the disadvantages of this method is that it does not allow much space for the builder of the new construction to work with. We designed a system using RMD superslim, which could be fitted without too much disruption to the existing system.


Working carefully around the hotel, showing consideration for the residents and vistors to the cathedral. We constructed the temporary concrete bases from which we could anchor the facade. We then adjusted the existing system as we fixed the new equipment. Removing the scaffold tube helped the builder to proceed with construction.

Current situation.

This building face is still being held by our equipment, Should you wish to talk about your project please give us a ring. 01753 646012

E P Rothwell are members of the Temporary works forum.

RMD Megashor with header beams and Superslim

Emergency propping and shoring

Kier required urgent Temporary works design,shoring and propping to the iconic Castlepoint carpark. Which was closed due to structural problems at great cost.

They appointed EPR we were able to start on site within 24 hours. We installed one thousand two hundred tons of RMD Megashor superslim (Slimshor), and alshor plus. with RMD header beams all within five weeks reducing the programme time for this activity to less than half the allocated time ensuring a saving in excess of £5 million pounds.

Working around the clock with a workforce in excess of seventy operatives, using 14 forklifts. We designed and fabricated a special forklift clamp to ensure that not only was the work done very quickly, but also very safely in confinned conditions with low headroom for our machines.

RMD Megashor props were assembled to the correct height using the Megashor jacks.The RMD header beams were lifted and held in place using our special forklift clamp until the megashor props were able to support the beam. Superslim soldier bracing was then used to tie two props together to complete a stable shoring unit.

In areas where loads on the strucure were not so challenging Alshor plus shoring was placed under soffit. Small areas of Facade Retention were also installed. Maybey also installed mass 50 and mass 25 systems on this project.

Kier's CEO Paul Sheffield was so happy that he thanked Eamonn Rothwell personally for our performance on this contract.

Please ring us on 01753-646012.

RMD Superslim Needling and propping

Structural Propping Temporary Works for Beard Construction

Careful design required.

When Beard had to refurbish a beautiful church with the least distuburance to this architectiually signigifcant building. They asked us to disign the temporary works and to install them. We prouduced a sensitive temporary works design using a Needling system which comprised of RMD Superslim (Slimshore) Soldiers and Steel needles. There was further strucural propping using the Alshor Plus aluminium system. We are proud to have been of help to a Valued client.

Please ring us on 01753-646012.

Here we have an external view of this building Designed by Sir Chrisopher Wren

Structural Propping and Permanent Steels

After successfully completing a temporary works project in Wimpole street for Coniston.Which involved basement support and RMD Superslim propping internally with Alshor plus Propping system used on higher levels. Structural propping was provided for heavy crane lift from wimpole street on to roof of the building.

Sir Chrisopher Wrens Naval building

We asked to work on the Painted Hall project this is one of the most beatuiful buildings in Europe. We were in volved in the monitoring and our engineer worked with the Clients engineer to produce a temporary works design.

After our Tempoary Works Design design was accepted we used RMD Superslim and Alshor plus props installed through diamond drilled holes. We then fitted the structural steel beams which now hold up the stairs and surrounding areas in the painted hall.

RMD megashor was used to provide addtional shoring. These heavy structural steel beams were designed and Fabricated by E P Rothwell and Sons. We are of course very proud to have worked on one of Sir Christoper Wren's most iconic buildings.

Please ring us on 01753-646012.

We have sucessfully completed six contracts for Eton college

Significant Buildings we have helped preserve.

Over the last thrity years we have had the privilage of helping to conserve many beatuiful buildings, Here is a small list of the better known ones.

Royal Palaces

Tower of London.

Hampton Court.


Canterbury Catherdal.

St. Johns Smith Square London W1


Eton College (We have completed six contracts at Eton).

Tonbridge School.

Ridgeway School. St John's College Oxford.


Sir Chrisopher Wren's Painted Hall.

White Cube gallery.

Marlbough Gallery.


Wembley Stadium.

The new grandstand at Royal Ascot.

Emergency Works.

Potters bar train crash support to the station bridge.

Langley station railway bridge.

Castlepoint Shopping centre car park.

Iconic Buildings.

Supreme Court.

Great Northern Hotel (KIngs Cross St Pancras link). Seven Dials retail and office complex. HMV record store Oxford Street. Footlocker oxford Street.

The Tram sheds,Bath (Only large brick building in the city of Bath)

BBC Broadcasting House The Cliveden House Hotel, National trust site.


Weymouth young Offenders Broadmoor Brixton Prison

We have carried out temporary works to all of the above buildings,Facade retention, structural propping and needling.if we have worked on your building and we have not included your building let us know then we can add it to the list. If you wish to know more on any the above projects please refer to our News section.

Please ring us to discuss your project 01753 646012

E P Rothwell are members of the Temporary works Forum (TWF).

the towers provide excellent wind resistance for the walls

Facade Retention and corner bracing in RMD Superslim

Working in Partnership with RMD, E P Rothwell installed the various types of propping on this Architectural significant building.

There is a tower facade retention system on the South Side of the building. Along the north wall a rmd flying shore system is tied together with scaffold tubes. This system allows maxiumim space for the new construction process

East Wall

The east wall has RMD superslim corner bracing which is holding the building facade in postion. Almost all this project was constructed in RMD Superslim showing what a versatile product it is. We carefully designed the walings to avoid the new floors, enabling the main contractor to sucessfully achieve the tight programme.

We keep a large stock of many differant propping and shoring products for you to hire or we can provide a design supply and install package contract.

E P Rothwell are proud to be members of the Temporary works Forum (TWF)

Please call us for friendly advice on your project 01753 646012

Using RMD Header beams allows the road to stay open

Facade Retention

Why use façade retention

In many urban areas a Structure is often redeveloped, but in order to preserve the historical appearance of its building, Local planning or conservation policy may require that the existing facade is retained and the new structure is built behind the existing façade. Façade retention is a temporary works solution to keep the façade of the building, whilst the internal structure is remodelled and modernised to produce very attractive living spaces. Façade retention can also be used to help support adjoining buildings and party walls.

Design challenges

It is important to consider the intended method of new construction and demolition process, when designing the façade retention. As the temporary works clashing with the new structure could impact on the programme.

Internal or external systems

Both have advantages, External systems are less disturbing to the construction and demolition process. And can be used as a gantry for site offices and a loading platform for materials. Internal this is generally more cost effective, less intrusion outside of the building envelope and can be more easily braced against the internal walls. They also need less temporary foundations

Which Equipment should you use?

We can advise and design the most suitable façade retention for you as we use several types of proprietary equipment, as well as scaffolding and structural steel. We also have a monitoring and jacking teams as well as a fabrication workshop at our yard in Staines. We always prioritise safety and design as it is of paramount importance in order to minimise the impact of our presence on local residents, traffic, adjoining buildings and the local environment.

What next? Why not give us a chance to look at your project

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New Steel frame being fixed beside RMD Superslim facade retention

Facade Retention and Structural Propping

We were approached to design the Temporary works on this iconic project, Which when we looked at the design we made several suggestions which the design team agreed to and redesigned some elements of the project. The challenges on this site included a working restaurant which the kitchen supplied six other estabalishments. Which was directly underneath a large area of this development. Very narrow streets with high volumes of traffic both foot and mechanical. Our suggestion of internal support removed the risks these from these situations. We created a temporary works design featuring RMD Superslim soldier props.RMD Alshor Plus and RMD Megashor were used in some areas on the perimeter. Mabey mass 50 props were used in the basement areas. Working with the site team we were able to avoid disturbance to the Cambridge theatre and the other tenants within this complex Needling to the first floor was designed and completed using RMD Superslim with steel needles. Completing the project well ahead of programme we have been recommended on two other projects by Derek Bowyer the Project Manager.

Please ring us to discuss your project on 01753 646012

RMD Superslim used as Flying shores and raking props

Structural Propping and Shoring W1 Basement

We were asked to produce a temporary works design, After completing the design we were appointed to install the heavy propping to the basement. We installed a row of RMD Superslim soldiers(Slimshores) walers which were capable of carring the high loads and allowed enough of a working area for the excavation. Whilst being able to fix these props without the use of a crane. Which is essential in restricted areas like this one. We then installed the raking props and eventually the Slimshore (RMD Superslim) flying props. This completed the upper layer of the Structural propping. Needling and Jacking were fixed also on this project.

Please call us to discuss your project on 010753-646012.

Erection of Temporary Protection Car Parking Shelter


The BBC approached us to Create a safe environment for some of thier radio stars to park thier cars during the Broadcasting house refurbisment. Our designer came up with a shelter using Doka formwork panels.


We had to erect these panels in two hour time frames, which was the time between the disc jockeys leaving site until 6.00pm. This was of course challenging, however as we had a number of crews working in the area at the time we were able to successfully manage it.

RMD Megashor Basement Propping and Shoring

Logan place W8 Structual Propping

We were asked to produce an effective and economic temporary works design, After completing the design we were appointed to install the heavy propping to the basement. We installed a row of RMD Megashors which were capable of carrying the high loads and we also fixed RMD superslim soldiers which allowed a large working area for the excavation. Whilst being able to fix these props without the use of a crane. Which is very handy in restricted areas like this one.

RMD Megashor Tower with Superslim bracing

Facade Retention, Propping and Temporary Works for Kier Construction

Kier approached E P Rothwell and asked us to come up with a temporary works design to secure the facade also design and install the temporary works solutions to this large interesting and demanding project.

E P Rothwell surveyed and produced a thoughtful design which eliminated the temporary works clashing with the new build. RMD Megashor columns were stood outside the building. Held together using RMD Superslim (Slimshore)beams. Mabey Mass 50 was fixed inside the building to support a concrete lift shaft isolated during the demolition. Alshor Plus aluminium was installed throughout the interior of the building. Diamond drilling was needed to allow props to pass concrete floors that were to come out early in the project. RMD Alshor Plus was used on in several ares internally.

Basement Structual propping was placed using RMD Superslim soldiers (Slimshore) raking props around the perimeter of the building and large areas of concrete slab were supported during the demolition stage.

E P Rothwell are delighted to say not only was our contract finshed sucessfully but also three weeks ahead of target.

Call us to discuss your project 01753 646012

Between two of London's  Stations King's Cross and St Pancras

Great Northern Hotel Kings Cross to St Pancras Link

Kier appointed E P Rothwell & Sons Ltd to complete the following tasks on the Great Northern hotel

Temporary Works Design, Heavy Propping,Facade Retention Design and installation,Needling,Pull out Tests,Monitoring,Diamond Drilling,Concrete and Structural Steelwork, reinforced concrete

We first conducted pull out tests in the existing Brickwork and concrete. then we set up a monitoring system to measure any movement in the building during demolition and construction.

We then fixed the Basement propping and shoring at the lower level using RMD flying Megashor props,Maybey Mass 50 and Mabey 25 raking shores were installed to lower level basement. Titan propping was used to support the upper basement floor.

Facade Retention and Basement

We then designed and installed the facade retention to the front external walls, continuing around the rest of the building in RMD Super slim (Slimshor) and megashor equipment. Basement shoring supported the external walls using Super Slim raking props as The basement slab was removed and we proceeded to underpin the main load bearing walls. Further basement propping on the internal walls. RMD Super Slim (Slimshor) plan bracing added to the support on the external walls. Then we designed and installed permanent steel pins to shore the structural walls reinforced with rebar placed formwork and concreted in a beam at ground floor level.

We then adjusted levels of floors in building using Hydraulic jacking While this was in progress we backpropped the floors using a combination of RMD Super Slim, Alshor plus and Megashor as well as Maybey mass 25 Propping,bracing and shoring was installed on internal walls. Plan bracing was fixed to corners of the building. Tempoary work foundations were design and installed by EPR. Heavy Propping was then used to support the bigger internal floors Kier Tempoary works department and EPR continued with temporary works design .

With the Facade Retention system in place, needling commenced on the facade to enlarge openings and EPR designed fabricated and fixed the new structural steel frames.The permenant steel now in place chemical dry packing completed. The heavy propping and needling equipment was dismantled Steel pins wrapped in rebar were designed and fabricated by EPR and incorparated in the high level concrete beams. Which were lifted on Hydraulic jacks to new position.We then braced and jacked all the internal floors and walls.Stuctural steel beams were then fabricated and installed internally. The rear external elevation at the request of the client was accelerated to assist parellel projects. This involved Adjusting some of the RMD Megashor towers, To allow the RMD Super slim props and needles installed. We then demolished brickwork in openings and installed Steel frame.

This was achieved despite the orginal programme being demanding

We Completed all the Reinforced concrete as the work progressed.

Dismantling of the RMD megashor towers,slimshore plan bracing and the Maybey mass 50 Propping systems proceeded

Kier and their Client Were both very happy with our contribution, indeed the client took our Supervisor Zydrunas Jasaitus all the way to Paris for a thank you lunch. Which was very much enjoyed and appreciated.

Stan Smith the Kier project Mananger was happy with our work has recommended us on several projects since.

01753 646012

rmd megashor towers using steel beams creates room at bottom of structure to allow access on road

RMD Megashor Facade Retention, Structural Propping and Needling.

This innovative temporary works design allowed the street to stay open and produced the maxiumum wind resistance.This architectural important building was retained on three sides. While a 13 metre deep excavation inside the footprint of external walls took place. Structural propping against the basement walls helped to support the facade walls. Two storeys were added to top of this iconic building. A dramatic increase in the size of this building while conserving the traditional look was a considerable acheivement. E P Rothwell & Sons Ltd are Members of the Temporary Works Forum (TWF)

If you have a temporary works project, please ring us on 01753-646012, to discuss a solution.

RMD Superslim Needling system secures substansti  timber beam

Phases 2 and 3

Facade Retention and Structural Propping

After suceesfully completing Carriage Hall Temporary Works, We were asked to design and install the Flying props and the high level needling to the next two projects. We also conducted several pull out tests in the brickwork. We created an ambitious design that comprised of RMD Superslim soldiers used as both walers and Props across this building. We used alshor Plus to support the internal timber floors. The external walls were secured using a plan brace made of Mabey mass 25 solders set against the corners of the structure. Basement propping progressed at the same time using the RMD (Superslim) slimshore system. Titan aluminium props provided additional support to the Basement shoring. A high level Needling system was installed in project 2 (see Picture ) this allowed a large steel framed opening to be formed.

Please ring us on 01753-646012.

Structural propping held and protected this beautiful building

Supreme Court Refurbishment Temporary works


E P Rothwell(EPR) were asked to come up with temporary works design for the support of this wonderful building Tim Griffiths our temporary Design engineer set to work designing a Facade Retention in RMD Megashor and Superslim (Slimshore)Which was further supported with Propping using Structural Steel walings and RMD Super slim soldiers (Slimshore) raking shores.Certain sections required Hydraulic Jacking to preload the structure.

Temporary works Design also required to the Basement using a Faslework system of RMD Alshor along with SGB Gass props and Maybey Mass 50 we were able to provide back propping,Basement shoring and jacking to the arched vaults.

Push pull props are used both in basement and on Facade retention.

Hydraulic flat jacks were installed to preload the structure and Vibration monitoring was used to ensure minimal stress to building occured.All holes for Needling were diamond drilled to reduce disturbance to the structure.

We hired RMD Super Slim, RMD Megashor and Alshor plus and mabey mass 50 and mass 25 to various other Contractors on this site Shoring was provided locally to upper levels of External walls as Facade retention was dismantled. another successful contract.

Please ring us on 01753-646012.

RMD Superslim used as Flying shores and raking props

Marlborough Art Gallery


We were appointed to produce a Temporoary works Design, and then to install propping and shoring to secure this fine building which was partially occuppied as demolition and construction progressed.


RMD Superslim backpropping was installed on lower levels of the structure.An Alshor plus soffitt support system was then installed to allow demolition to commence. Because of concerns with the strength of existing walls EPR conducted pull out tests. And a monitoring system was installed.

Megashor propping supported the rear of the building, further shoring was fixed to external walls using mabey 160 raking props.

Propping to upper floors continued using a combination of Gass and Mabey mass 50,RMD super slim and alshor plus.

We are proud to have worked on this fine building.

Please ring us on 01753-646012.

Heavy propping and waler system

Marchwood Incinerator

Basement Shoring, Stuctural Propping,and Concrete works

EPR are proud to have designed, and installed the shoring,RMD Superslim (slimshore) We also produced the Temporary works design for the concrete works and sucessfully completed the works on site. We also installed the heavy duty shoring which had to withstand considerable loads from adjacent ground as excavation proceeded.

We are honoured to be involved with this challenging Project.

Please call us to discuss your project 01753 646012

100 ton props

Structural Propping at White Cube Gallery

Famous Artist Delighted with our performance.

E P Rothwell (EPR) were asked to provide a soldier system propping frame to support an Artwork Exhibition in the famous White Cube gallery. Using A-plant Slimlite Soldiers connected to a steel beam framework.Further propping was incorparated into the system using A plant push pull props. RMD superslim soldiers was used as additional support. This was succussfully completed over weekend to allow maximum viewing time.The Sculpture was fixed to our shoring system and was sold soon after opening

Please ring us on 01753-646012.

Hydraulic,Manual and preloading Jacking or lifting of Structures

We have a long history of Lifting and pre-stressing of structures. We advise on the best solution for building or structure and then we install and monitor all the temporary works and Jacking required.

In the images you can see one of our monitoring gauges, which are often recorded by remote control reducing the need for costly site visits.

On the second image is an example of piston jacks used with RMD Superslim props for heavier work we would use RMD Megashor or a bespoke steel cradle fabricated in our workshops.

Please ring us to discuss your project 01753 646012

pavement over a coal vault next to a fine facade

Crane support on under pavement vaults

Coal cellars beside significant building Facade in central London

Under pavement cellars or vaults are be found mainly in Georgian,Victorian and older properties in Central London. These were orginally used for coal which was poured from above by the road through a hole in the footpath into the cellar or vault. They can be used today in many wonderful ways wine cellars or storage or even an extentsion of the basement living area.

Propping up a crane over a basement space is a challenge

We were asked to dsign the propping to allow a very large crane which during its task of lifting.Would impose loads onto the six coal vaults along the the front of the building. We used the scaffold tube system you can see in the photgraph, Our designers always try to create the most cost effective method of the use of tempoaray works.

Please talk to us about your project

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This historical buildings will be converted into new apartments giving a fresh purpose to this wonderful building

Facade Retained of a Architecturally significant building in the west country .

Design challenge

We carried out an accessment of the stabilty and structural integrity of the exterior walls of this unique building. our design kept the architectually rare and important facade for us all to enjoy. Which when the project was complete produced a building with a historic face, but a friendly and enjoyable interior.

Design and Equipment.

Our design considered the new construction assisting the main contractor to achieve a demanding program. But the most important concern was the architectiural conservation of the building.

We designed the towers in RMD megashor with superslim walers.We formed concrete bases which provide the dead weight or kentledge required. Bespoke steel shoring provided additional support, This was fabricated in our Staines workshop keeping all equipment in house. Maybey props were useed in the lower basement areas.

The euthusiastic attitude of the whole team made this a most rewarding and interesting project.

Please talk to us about your project, call us on 01753 646012

We are proud members of tempoarary works Forum

RMD Superslim Needling and propping

St. Chrisophers School Beckenham Needling System and Structural Propping

Corniche Builders asked EP Rothwell to create a temporary Works design for a Needling and shoring system.

We designed a RMD Superslim (Slimshore) proping section with Steel needles RMD raking props with scaffold tube ties added further stabilty. Alshor Plus Aluminium props were used internally.

Another successful contract for a valued client.

Please ring us on 01753-646012.

The gauge indicates if any movement occured

Jacking With Flat Jacks and Hydraulic piston units Oxford Street

Hermant Projects approached E P Rothwell to design and install a temporary works system, which comprised of Megashor Towers supporting heavy steel needles from which we could use flat jacks to preload the building and then lift the structure to new position. RMD Megashor tower was erected wirth RMD Superslim bracing alshor plus was installed as loading areas in the tower. We also conducted montioring of the existing structure which provided reassurance that excessive movement did not occur.

Please ring us to discuss your project on 01753 646012

Equipment stocks increase

We are proud to anounce that we have increased our stock levels of the following products.

RMD Megashor

We have increased our stock on all megashor shaft sizes. We have now over two hundred megashor jacks in stock

Mabey Mass 25 and Mass 50 With over 400 tons of equipment purchased, We will now offer an even wider choice and a better service.

We have now many more Mabey and RMD Superslim, Megashor and Alshor plus products available in stock now .

Please give us a ring should you wish to hire this type of equipment or just want some advice or a chat.

RMD Megashor and Superslim systems

Design Brief

The high wind loads that the brick walls were subject to made this a considerable Challenge. The phasing of temporary works and installation of the tower structure required careful sequencing to ensure that the temporary works held the existing structure in place, and maintain stability of the façade at all times, and would also consider the installation of the permanent works.

Erection Sequence

RMD superslim walers were installed, these were bolted to the Megashor tower using tracked booms for safe access.The megashor was erected sequentially as the walers were installed. Maybey 160 props were used in the lower basement. Alshor plus was the preferred system in the existing retained structure. because it is designed with increased safety features including integrated ladder access, integrated platforms, board bearers, handrails and advancing handrails.

A corner bracing arrangement was considered the best option for this east london site. this system gave the reassurance that the neighbours party wall surveyors needed. This arrangement is made of almost all rmd superslim and is tied together using scaffold tube.

If you would like to discuss your project please ring us on 01753-646012