Chimmey held in postion by Superslim cross propping

Supreme Court Refurbishment Temporary works


E P Rothwell(EPR) were asked to come up with temporary works design for the support of this wonderful building Tim Griffiths our temporary Design engineer set to work designing a Facade Retention in RMD Megashor and Superslim (Slimshore)Which was further supported with Propping using Structural Steel walings and RMD Super slim soldiers (Slimshore) raking shores.Certain sections required Hydraulic Jacking to preload the structure.

Temporary works Design also required to the Basement using a Faslework system of RMD Alshor along with SGB Gass props and Maybey Mass 50 we were able to provide back propping,Basement shoring and jacking to the arched vaults.

Push pull props are used both in basement and on Facade retention.

Hydraulic flat jacks were installed to preload the structure and Vibration monitoring was used to ensure minimal stress to building occured.All holes for Needling were diamond drilled to reduce disturbance to the structure.

We hired RMD Super Slim, RMD Megashor and Alshor plus and mabey mass 50 and mass 25 to various other Contractors on this site Shoring was provided locally to upper levels of External walls as Facade retention was dismantled. another successful contract.

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