Heavy Propping using Megashor this type of propping can be tied and braced to carry huge loads

Basement Shoring West London

Temporary Works Design,Propping.Facade Retention,Needling,Pull out Tests,Monitoring,Diamond Drilling,Concrete and Structural Steelwork.

The Client appointed E P Rothwell & Sons Ltd on this project We first conducted pull out tests in the existing Brickwork and concrete. then we set up a monitoring system to measure any movement in the building during construction. Placing RMD Super Slim soldiers (Slimshore) in to secure the basement and allowed excavation. When excavation is complete to second level. We installed the next propping system. We then designed and installed the facade retention to the front external walls, continuing around the rest of the building in RMD equipment. The basement slab was removed and we proceeded to underpin the main load bearing walls While this was in progress we backpropped the floors using a combination of RMD Super Slim soldiers (slimshore), Alshor plus and Megashor as well as Maybey mass 50 Propping and bracing was installed on internal walls. Plan bracing was fixed to corners of the building. Tempoary work foundations were design and installed by EPR. Heavy Propping was then used to support the bigger internal floors EPR continued to design the tempoary works as work progressed. With the facade retention system in place, needling commenced on the facade to enlarge openings and EPR designed fabricated and fixed the new structural steel frames.The permenant steel now in place chemical dry packing completed. The heavy propping and needling equipment was dismantled Steel pins wrapped in rebar were designed and fabricated by EPR and incorparated in the high level concrete beams. Which were lifted on Hydraulic jacks to new position.We then braced and jacked all the internal floors and walls.Stuctural steel beams were then fabricated and installed internally. The vibration levels agreed with our clients engineer were not exceeded in this process, which we are very pleased about.

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