RMD Suuperslim props are fixed across the building just above where the floors were.They replace strength from the floors as well as providing Facade Retention suppot to the external gable wall

Phases 2 and 3

Facade Retention and Structural Propping

After suceesfully completing Carriage Hall Temporary Works, We were asked to design and install the Flying props and the high level needling to the next two projects. We also conducted several pull out tests in the brickwork. We created an ambitious design that comprised of RMD Superslim soldiers used as both walers and Props across this building. We used alshor Plus to support the internal timber floors. The external walls were secured using a plan brace made of Mabey mass 25 solders set against the corners of the structure. Basement propping progressed at the same time using the RMD (Superslim) slimshore system. Titan aluminium props provided additional support to the Basement shoring. A high level Needling system was installed in project 2 (see Picture ) this allowed a large steel framed opening to be formed.

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