Twelve Hundred tons of RMD Megashor installed in six weeks. We are very proud of this performance

Emergency propping and shoring

Kier required urgent Temporary works design,shoring and propping to the iconic Castlepoint carpark. Which was closed due to structural problems at great cost.

They appointed EPR we were able to start on site within 24 hours. We installed one thousand two hundred tons of RMD Megashor superslim (Slimshor), and alshor plus. with RMD header beams all within five weeks reducing the programme time for this activity to less than half the allocated time ensuring a saving in excess of £5 million pounds.

Working around the clock with a workforce in excess of seventy operatives, using 14 forklifts. We designed and fabricated a special forklift clamp to ensure that not only was the work done very quickly, but also very safely in confinned conditions with low headroom for our machines.

RMD Megashor props were assembled to the correct height using the Megashor jacks.The RMD header beams were lifted and held in place using our special forklift clamp until the megashor props were able to support the beam. Superslim soldier bracing was then used to tie two props together to complete a stable shoring unit.

In areas where loads on the strucure were not so challenging Alshor plus shoring was placed under soffit. Small areas of Facade Retention were also installed. Maybey also installed mass 50 and mass 25 systems on this project.

Kier's CEO Paul Sheffield was so happy that he thanked Eamonn Rothwell personally for our performance on this contract.

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