RMD Megashor flying props

Facade Retention and Basement Propping


Gilbert Ash approached us to find a solution to this complex projects needs, We produced a temporary works design which was both practical and could be installed quickly.

We installed RMD flying Megashor props to support Building of the new capping beam, Thease allowed work to comence below with no interferance allowing maxiumium production. We also fixed double rows of RMD Superslim soldiers (Slimshore) to front of the structure which kept the rigidity in the frame even though the external walls were removed. We were asked to design and fabricate special steel jackets to protect the existing steel columns in the basement. Thease were then filled with concrete to complete the system. A steel beam and propping arrangement was fixed in the mezzanine space at each floor. This design enabled the propping on this project to be in place supporting the building during construction with miniumium intrustion, making the construction quicker and easier. We also fabricated special steel encasements which were filled with 10mm aggregate concrete to protect existing steel columns in the basement. The central open area through the building was supported by bespoke steel frames fabricated in our staines workshop. We are proud to have been unvolved in this important building.