RMD Superslim Needling and propping

RAC Pall Mall

Kier construction appointed E P Rothwell and Sons Ltd to provide a high level Facade Retention system, With back propping to upper floors,Reinforced concrete and permanant steel.


E P Rothwell's Temporary works design was for a plan brace Facade retention further supported with RMD Superslim raking props, The back propping was installed using RMD Alshor Plus arrayed in a grid tied together using Alshor plus frames. Propping was enhanced using Mabey Mass 25 and Mass 50 at various levels. RMD Mega-shor provided support on the more heavily loaded floors.

Reinforced concrete floors and plinths were constructed.As well as providing a Tempoary works Propping and needling scheme to install the Structural Steels.

Our efforts were praised by the kier site team of Project manager Gary Flyn and Surveyor Matt Hall

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