RMD megashor towers are holding the walls up while modernisation of internal building is underway

Facade Retention in RMD Megashor with Structural Propping and Needling

The old Tram sheds in bath is architecturally significant because it is the only large brick building in the city. E P Rothwell in Partnership with RMD produced a temporary works design that was both sympathetic to retaining the existing structure and providing room for the new construction. RMD Megashore Towers with Superslim walers prvides support to the very high walls. RMD superslim is used in corner bracing that uses the strength of the structure to help keep the walls in place. Superslim walers are used between towers against the existing building. Mabey mass 50 was used in basement areas. Aluminmium alshor system was used internally to carry lighter loads. We are proud to have helped conserve this grand old historic building. E P Rothwell are an indepentant company therefor we are not tied to any Temporary works system and can advise on the most suitable design and equipment for your project, please ring us for advice.

E P Rothwell & Sons Ltd are proud members of the Temporary works forum (TWF).

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