This system perserves this wall using the minium equipment in the structural propping

Facade Retention

Why use façade retention

In many urban areas a Structure is often redeveloped, but in order to preserve the historical appearance of its building, Local planning or conservation policy may require that the existing facade is retained and the new structure is built behind the existing façade. Façade retention is a temporary works solution to keep the façade of the building, whilst the internal structure is remodelled and modernised to produce very attractive living spaces. Façade retention can also be used to help support adjoining buildings and party walls.

Design challenges

It is important to consider the intended method of new construction and demolition process, when designing the façade retention. As the temporary works clashing with the new structure could impact on the programme.

Internal or external systems

Both have advantages, External systems are less disturbing to the construction and demolition process. And can be used as a gantry for site offices and a loading platform for materials. Internal this is generally more cost effective, less intrusion outside of the building envelope and can be more easily braced against the internal walls. They also need less temporary foundations

Which Equipment should you use?

We can advise and design the most suitable façade retention for you as we use several types of proprietary equipment, as well as scaffolding and structural steel. We also have a monitoring and jacking teams as well as a fabrication workshop at our yard in Staines. We always prioritise safety and design as it is of paramount importance in order to minimise the impact of our presence on local residents, traffic, adjoining buildings and the local environment.

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