RMD Superslim used as Flying shores and raking props

Structural Propping and Shoring W1 Basement

We were asked to produce a temporary works design, After completing the design we were appointed to install the heavy propping to the basement. We installed a row of RMD Superslim soldiers(Slimshores) walers which were capable of carring the high loads and allowed enough of a working area for the excavation. Whilst being able to fix these props without the use of a crane. Which is essential in restricted areas like this one. We then installed the raking props and eventually the Slimshore (RMD Superslim) flying props. This completed the upper layer of the Structural propping. Needling and Jacking were fixed also on this project.

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Erection of Temporary Protection Car Parking Shelter


The BBC approached us to Create a safe environment for some of thier radio stars to park thier cars during the Broadcasting house refurbisment. Our designer came up with a shelter using Doka formwork panels.


We had to erect these panels in two hour time frames, which was the time between the disc jockeys leaving site until 6.00pm. This was of course challenging, however as we had a number of crews working in the area at the time we were able to successfully manage it.

RMD Megashor Tower with Superslim bracing

Facade Retention, Propping and Temporary Works for Kier Construction

Kier approached E P Rothwell and asked us to come up with a temporary works design to secure the facade also design and install the temporary works solutions to this large interesting and demanding project.

E P Rothwell surveyed and produced a thoughtful design which eliminated the temporary works clashing with the new build. RMD Megashor columns were stood outside the building. Held together using RMD Superslim (Slimshore)beams. Mabey Mass 50 was fixed inside the building to support a concrete lift shaft isolated during the demolition. Alshor Plus aluminium was installed throughout the interior of the building. Diamond drilling was needed to allow props to pass concrete floors that were to come out early in the project. RMD Alshor Plus was used on in several ares internally.

Basement Structual propping was placed using RMD Superslim soldiers (Slimshore) raking props around the perimeter of the building and large areas of concrete slab were supported during the demolition stage.

E P Rothwell are delighted to say not only was our contract finshed sucessfully but also three weeks ahead of target.

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Between two of London's  Stations King's Cross and St Pancras

Great Northern Hotel Kings Cross to St Pancras Link

Kier appointed E P Rothwell & Sons Ltd to complete the following tasks on the Great Northern hotel

Temporary Works Design, Heavy Propping,Facade Retention Design and installation,Needling,Pull out Tests,Monitoring,Diamond Drilling,Concrete and Structural Steelwork, reinforced concrete

We first conducted pull out tests in the existing Brickwork and concrete. then we set up a monitoring system to measure any movement in the building during demolition and construction.

We then fixed the Basement propping and shoring at the lower level using RMD flying Megashor props,Maybey Mass 50 and Mabey 25 raking shores were installed to lower level basement. Titan propping was used to support the upper basement floor.

Facade Retention and Basement

We then designed and installed the facade retention to the front external walls, continuing around the rest of the building in RMD Super slim (Slimshor) and megashor equipment. Basement shoring supported the external walls using Super Slim raking props as The basement slab was removed and we proceeded to underpin the main load bearing walls. Further basement propping on the internal walls. RMD Super Slim (Slimshor) plan bracing added to the support on the external walls. Then we designed and installed permanent steel pins to shore the structural walls reinforced with rebar placed formwork and concreted in a beam at ground floor level.

We then adjusted levels of floors in building using Hydraulic jacking While this was in progress we backpropped the floors using a combination of RMD Super Slim, Alshor plus and Megashor as well as Maybey mass 25 Propping,bracing and shoring was installed on internal walls. Plan bracing was fixed to corners of the building. Tempoary work foundations were design and installed by EPR. Heavy Propping was then used to support the bigger internal floors Kier Tempoary works department and EPR continued with temporary works design .

With the Facade Retention system in place, needling commenced on the facade to enlarge openings and EPR designed fabricated and fixed the new structural steel frames.The permenant steel now in place chemical dry packing completed. The heavy propping and needling equipment was dismantled Steel pins wrapped in rebar were designed and fabricated by EPR and incorparated in the high level concrete beams. Which were lifted on Hydraulic jacks to new position.We then braced and jacked all the internal floors and walls.Stuctural steel beams were then fabricated and installed internally. The rear external elevation at the request of the client was accelerated to assist parellel projects. This involved Adjusting some of the RMD Megashor towers, To allow the RMD Super slim props and needles installed. We then demolished brickwork in openings and installed Steel frame.

This was achieved despite the orginal programme being demanding

We Completed all the Reinforced concrete as the work progressed.

Dismantling of the RMD megashor towers,slimshore plan bracing and the Maybey mass 50 Propping systems proceeded

Kier and their Client Were both very happy with our contribution, indeed the client took our Supervisor Zydrunas Jasaitus all the way to Paris for a thank you lunch. Which was very much enjoyed and appreciated.

Stan Smith the Kier project Mananger was happy with our work has recommended us on several projects since.

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RMD Superslim Needling system secures substansti  timber beam

Phases 2 and 3

Facade Retention and Structural Propping

After suceesfully completing Carriage Hall Temporary Works, We were asked to design and install the Flying props and the high level needling to the next two projects. We also conducted several pull out tests in the brickwork. We created an ambitious design that comprised of RMD Superslim soldiers used as both walers and Props across this building. We used alshor Plus to support the internal timber floors. The external walls were secured using a plan brace made of Mabey mass 25 solders set against the corners of the structure. Basement propping progressed at the same time using the RMD (Superslim) slimshore system. Titan aluminium props provided additional support to the Basement shoring. A high level Needling system was installed in project 2 (see Picture ) this allowed a large steel framed opening to be formed.

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RMD Superslim used as Flying shores and raking props

Marlborough Art Gallery


We were appointed to produce a Temporoary works Design, and then to install propping and shoring to secure this fine building which was partially occuppied as demolition and construction progressed.


RMD Superslim backpropping was installed on lower levels of the structure.An Alshor plus soffitt support system was then installed to allow demolition to commence. Because of concerns with the strength of existing walls EPR conducted pull out tests. And a monitoring system was installed.

Megashor propping supported the rear of the building, further shoring was fixed to external walls using mabey 160 raking props.

Propping to upper floors continued using a combination of Gass and Mabey mass 50,RMD super slim and alshor plus.

We are proud to have worked on this fine building.

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100 ton props

Structural Propping at White Cube Gallery

Famous Artist Delighted with our performance.

E P Rothwell (EPR) were asked to provide a soldier system propping frame to support an Artwork Exhibition in the famous White Cube gallery. Using A-plant Slimlite Soldiers connected to a steel beam framework.Further propping was incorparated into the system using A plant push pull props. RMD superslim soldiers was used as additional support. This was succussfully completed over weekend to allow maximum viewing time.The Sculpture was fixed to our shoring system and was sold soon after opening

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Hydraulic,Manual and preloading Jacking or lifting of Structures

We have a long history of Lifting and pre-stressing of structures. We advise on the best solution for building or structure and then we install and monitor all the temporary works and Jacking required.

In the images you can see one of our monitoring gauges, which are often recorded by remote control reducing the need for costly site visits.

On the second image is an example of piston jacks used with RMD Superslim props for heavier work we would use RMD Megashor or a bespoke steel cradle fabricated in our workshops.

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pavement over a coal vault next to a fine facade

Crane support on under pavement vaults

Coal cellars beside significant building Facade in central London

Under pavement cellars or vaults are be found mainly in Georgian,Victorian and older properties in Central London. These were orginally used for coal which was poured from above by the road through a hole in the footpath into the cellar or vault. They can be used today in many wonderful ways wine cellars or storage or even an extentsion of the basement living area.

Propping up a crane over a basement space is a challenge

We were asked to dsign the propping to allow a very large crane which during its task of lifting.Would impose loads onto the six coal vaults along the the front of the building. We used the scaffold tube system you can see in the photgraph, Our designers always try to create the most cost effective method of the use of tempoaray works.

Please talk to us about your project

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RMD Superslim Needling and propping

St. Chrisophers School Beckenham Needling System and Structural Propping

Corniche Builders asked EP Rothwell to create a temporary Works design for a Needling and shoring system.

We designed a RMD Superslim (Slimshore) proping section with Steel needles RMD raking props with scaffold tube ties added further stabilty. Alshor Plus Aluminium props were used internally.

Another successful contract for a valued client.

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The gauge indicates if any movement occured

Jacking With Flat Jacks and Hydraulic piston units Oxford Street

Hermant Projects approached E P Rothwell to design and install a temporary works system, which comprised of Megashor Towers supporting heavy steel needles from which we could use flat jacks to preload the building and then lift the structure to new position. RMD Megashor tower was erected wirth RMD Superslim bracing alshor plus was installed as loading areas in the tower. We also conducted montioring of the existing structure which provided reassurance that excessive movement did not occur.

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RMD Megashor and Superslim systems

Design Brief

The high wind loads that the brick walls were subject to made this a considerable Challenge. The phasing of temporary works and installation of the tower structure required careful sequencing to ensure that the temporary works held the existing structure in place, and maintain stability of the façade at all times, and would also consider the installation of the permanent works.

Erection Sequence

RMD superslim walers were installed, these were bolted to the Megashor tower using tracked booms for safe access.The megashor was erected sequentially as the walers were installed. Maybey 160 props were used in the lower basement. Alshor plus was the preferred system in the existing retained structure. because it is designed with increased safety features including integrated ladder access, integrated platforms, board bearers, handrails and advancing handrails.

A corner bracing arrangement was considered the best option for this east london site. this system gave the reassurance that the neighbours party wall surveyors needed. This arrangement is made of almost all rmd superslim and is tied together using scaffold tube.

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ISG Peterborough Shopping Mall

Peterborough Shopping Centre


ISG asked E P Rothwell to create a temporary works design for a steel frame and a Structural propping system. This needed to be done while the precinct remained open so the temporary works design had to account for this and allow for quick installation so causing the least distruption. We therefore fabricated the steel in our workshop in Staines and used bolt connections where possible to reduce hot works on site. As this was a large steel frame over eighty tons which was providing support throughout the precinct it was quite a challenge. We also fixed RMD superslim (Slimshore), Megashor and Alshor plus to provide support for the walls and floors to the mall. Maybey Mass 50 was used in basement areas. ISG were happy with our performance on this challenging contract.

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Bespoke designed Superslim brace used extensively in this project

Temporary works, Structural propping, Needling,design and installation for R Collards Demolition

EPR are proud to have designed, supplied and installed the Stuctural propping and shoring, RMD Superslim (slimshore) propping Alshor Plus Shoring System up the both inside and outside of this prominant Building. EPR Produced a complex Temporary Works Design. Which had to change as the soft strip uncovered further challenges.

Equipment Details

Heavy Structual Propping was installed in basement using Alshor Plus and Megashore back propping systems.Facade Retention support was provided by RMD Superslim soldiers and RMD Alshor Plus installed on several floor levels.

Acrow props tied together with Scaffold tube bracing is fixed around openings, Mabey Mass 50 is used in certain key areas.

Special superslim (SlimShore) Bracing frames are needed to support the hollow rib steel floors,(See photo) Which had to be quickly designed and installed to match our client's programme.

This was a very large Temporary works project taking 18 months total. At the End both Collard's site manager John and contracts manager Martin Evans were very happy with our proformance this is the third project with R Collard.

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Rear of house supported by Needling and propping

Typical Needling System to hold up rear of house

We produced a temporary works design for this project in North London, which as well as being cost effective allowed the builders good access to demolish the rear wall and extend out. We used RMD Superslim needling and we also used super slim internally. This sucessfully propped the house with the minimum of inconvenience.

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Henry III's Water Gate held up by our propping

Tower of London

Henry III's Watergate bridge

EPR are proud to have created the temporary works design,supplied and installed the RMD Superslim soldiers (slimshore)structural propping and the Alshor plus system supporting the Henry III's bridge from the River Thames into the Tower of London. It has been in place for ten years. we hope to continue to support some of England's finest hertiage.

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100 ton props holding up a huge car park

Megashor Propping

RMD Megashor was used to prop and lift the level of this car park, Using a megashor spanner we were able to lift the level of this car park 80mm, without the use of hydraulics. In the other picture Superslim is used as corner bracing,this method reduces the need for equipment as we have used the existing building structure to create the strength and stabilty required. Reducing the amount of equipment required,which allows more space and costs less money.

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RMD Superslim used as Flying shores and raking props

Facade Retention Ellmer Construction

Convent Garden Complex

As we were sucessfully completing the Carriage Hall project at the New convent Garden development, when Miles Emsley asked to create a Temporary Works Design for This challenging project. We installed Steel walers to the brickwork and working of the floors before demolition took place we were able place flying shores between them. RMD Super Slim (Slimshores) were used on higher levels.

Mabey mass 25 and Alshor Plus Propping and shoring were used on lower levels. This design produced a varied and very workable design. That allowed Ellmers generous working space as well as securing the Facade in place. E P Rothwell can design Facade Retentions for many differant situations if you require advice then please ring our office.

E P Rothwell proud members of the (TWF) Temporary works forum.

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Exterior Structural Propping, Needling and Raking prop

Facade Retention, Needling and RMD Superslim Propping

Facade Retention Propping and Needling System

E P Rothwell were happy when Ellmers asked us to start our fifth contract with them at Convent Garden.

We investigated the site and produced a temporary works design. Which we were able to start within days, Using RMD Superslim and Steel needles from our vast stock in Staines.

We were able to produce this orginal shoring system. Alshor plus was again sourced from our stock was used internally. This produced a quickly erected and permanent construction friendly solution. Please contact us and allow us to help with your project on 01753 646012

Bespoke Steel Props Fabricated by our workshop

Facade Retention and Structural Propping Fulham Road London

We had completed two sucessfull contracts for R Collard when we were then asked to continue our relationship with them.

EPR Created a Temporary Works design that included a structual Steel Facade and Structual Steel Propping to a ground floor wall. this incorparated a Superslim soldier (Slimshore) Needling system. Mabey 160 raking props were also used.

Using our design team,our fabrication set up and our installation expertise we were able to come up with this bespoke Temporary works design system. Which pleased our valued client.

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RMD Alshor plus with Superslim header beams

Structural Propping and Shoring for Winvic Construction

Temporary Works Design and Erection of Alshor Plus shoring and Propping System.

Winvic instructed E P Rothwell & Sons to design and install a Alshor Plus Tempoary works System to reduce the deflection in the Permanent steel beams during the concrete operations. Where necessary RMD Superslim (Slimshor) Propping provided extra support.

EPR laid timber railway sleepers or RMD megashors on a grout bed , we then erected the Alshor plus shoring and propping faslwork frame to the underside of the permanent structural Steels. This back propping reduced deflection and helped produce a floor within strict tolerances.

We are very pleased to be involved in this iconic site. Where our Supervisor Steve picked up a safety award and was highly praised by Winvic's site team.

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Propping Installation and Temporary Works design

E P Rothwell and Sons install all types of propping, We can advise design supply and install all types of propping.

We can hire the equipment to you to install if you so wish or you can use our skilled teams of erectors. Our engineers can offer guidance on the best method of installation and how to avoid new construction structure.

Propping a building is a skilled and vital part of the construction process so please do not hesiate to ask our advice.

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Current and Historical news about E P Rothwell's Projects etc

E P Rothwell Propping and Facade Retention

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Facade Retention and Structural Propping

Clivden House Structual propping and Shoring Including Concrete works

Stepping in at Short notice.

We were asked to construct the garden swimming pool after the orginal contractor realised he could not construct the pool to the exacting tolerances. We took over and set out the area again. We produced temporary work designs for the formwork.We took up and relaid the blinding, We then placed the reinforcement for the slab.We carefully poured the slab and kickers to produce an accurate base.

After fixing the water bar We placed back shutters and boxed out the openings. Wall rebar was fixed and internal shutters placed and fixed. after concrete was placed and the formwork struck a 28 day water test found that there was no loss from the structure. The mosaic tilers were delighted to have such a precise structure to work on

Following on from the above we were asked to set construct a spiral staircase in the tower which was also completed sucessfully. E P Rothwell are proud to have been involved in this project on this prestigious and historic building.

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Early stages of Installation of MGF Hydralic Props

Heavy Propping

Design and choice of correct equipment

High loads in a basement, which is in a restricted location. We as a company are not restricted using to one method or system. MGF hydraulic props were picked and proved an excellent choice. In other areas of the site we used RMD Megashor and Superslim to provide addtional support.