The planners are in love with the look of that old building...

To keep the feel and character of an area, an increasing number of local authorities now require the look and fabric of existing buildings to be maintained within new development. The interior can be completely re-modelled and adapted to modern day standards but the outside must remain looking as it always has.


Using heavy duty legs with load capacities of up to 1000 kN (100 tonne), erected in towers braced to carry wind and construction loads, E P Rothwell & Sons Ltd can design and erect façade support systems to restrain the most complex of buildings.
Where necessary, foundations, either piled or pad, can be installed to support the temporary loads. All necessary timber packing and protection to the existing brickwork of stonework is supplied and can be installed either during or before erection of the main façade support.
Vertical support to doorways and openings can be included in the façade support and pre-loaded if required, using screw jacks or hydraulic flat jacks. At ground level, protection to allow public access along pavements and roads can be incorporated within the scheme to enable approval by local authorities.
Work is undertaken by our own labour, all of whom have been trained in the handling of heavy equipment and working in the most difficult of site environments. They are all experienced in this type of work and bring many years of their varied experience to bear on every job that they work on.
The team allocated to each job will be carefully selected and sized to suit the required rate of progress and will arrive on site with all of the materials necessary to carry out the work with the minimum of supervision by the client. All tools and equipment will arrive with the team including all of the little but important items that would take an age to assemble if you were to do it from scratch.

Case Study

In converting an old tram shed in Bath into luxury apartments, the client had to completely remove the internal structure including the roof and replace it with a new frame. This had to be done whilst leaving the external walls in position and thus maintain the appearance of a historically significant building for future generations to take pleasure from.
The site was on the side of a hill, overlooking the river and consisted of varying level floors throughout a building which had deteriorated over the years. All of the facades were to be restrained by walings strapped to the brickwork and supported by towers positioned either inside or outside to avoid the existing structure and still allow for the building of the new structure.
Co-ordinated drawings were produced in association with the client, Architect and Engineer to ensure that all requirements were met. Foundations were installed within the building to carry the towers.

1) Erection was carefully phased to fit in with demolition so that the structure remained supported at all times.

2) External foundations were required in various locations to make the best use of towers.

3) A large part of the facade was retained above the main entrance which was to be modified at a later date.

Facade Retention Gallery